Face Value

by Clean Break

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released March 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Clean Break Faro, Portugal

Faro Straight Edge still on top!

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Track Name: Face Value
you're so disconnected
you can't see it
do you even
have something to say?

I can't believe
you're so at ease
just standing still
yeah I know it's not easy
to take a fucking stand
to speak your mind
and say what you feel
to think for yourself
and believe in something real

can't you see you are
just following a crowd
don't be afraid
to say what you think out loud
i know you feel
the pressure to fit in
just be yourself and
don't let them bring you down
just don't let them bring you down

I know you must have something to say
Track Name: Long Way To Go
are you so insecure in your own skin
that you can’t fucking see
past your prejudice
your close minded views
they have no fucking place here

It’s been said before
that ‘love is never wrong’
get it through your head
what you should have known all along

we need to educate
those who want to separate
there's still a long way to go
Track Name: Save Face
your words are slugs
aimed at my back
but my skin is thick
it won't fucking crack
I finally saw
what you were all about
you're a fucking stain
that won't come out

all that you say
and all that you do
you don't impress me
to me it's nothing new
I can see through the bullshit
cut through all the lies
stop throwing dirt
into my eyes

it's over it's done
without a doubt
case closed
over and out
Track Name: Seize The Day
I guess it's time,
it's about time
we gotta rearrange,
we gotta make a fucking change
can't you feel it,
oh yeah I feel it
on the tip of my fingers
use all my strength and fucking grab it

I feel we're stuck
reliving moments saying
those were the days
yeah I remember back then
all I heard was the same
yeah they also complained

we gotta live for today
I don't want to see it all slipping away
we must find a way
to realize that today is the 'good old days'

we can't just
stand still
and do nothing,
we gotta rebuild
the foundations are strong
I know we can do it
we can carry it along

we gotta live for today
I don't want to see it all slipping away
we must find a way
to realize that today is the 'good old days'

we must find a way
gotta keep today from
slipping away
Track Name: Pass The Buck
wouldn't it be so easy
if things were black and white
everything divided
just wrong and right
I can't believe what I'm hearing
there's more than one side
don't be so quick to pick your colors
different opinions will collide

just don't pass
that buck to me
I know where I stand
and who I want to be
Track Name: Cut And Run
as I take a look,
I look all around me
I just can't believe
what I fucking see
I know things have changed
sure man these are different times
I see all these new faces,
I hope I don't see empty minds

I won't cut and run
I still believe
I won't cut and run
I'm safe and sound
both feet on the ground

you know how it is sometimes
out of sight, out of mind
we can't let all that we've built
just crumble down and die
i know how hard it is
to keep, keep up the PMA
when everything around you
makes you want to throw it all away